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2018 future-fit Development Activities & Resources

Development Activity Catalogue

Digital Lessons:

Documentaries/Movies with Supporting Resources:

These movies explore interesting issues and could be considered by educators for inclusion within broader school programmes. Some have professionally developed lesson plans and resources attached.


Character Lab - Build Connections

Build Connections is an activity that helps students understand how their existing interests relate to the content they learn in school. In other words, it taps into their intrinsic curiosity.

Character Lab - WOOP

WOOP is a practical, accessible, evidence-based activity that helps students find and fulfill their wishes. In character development terms, WOOP builds self-control.

Global Citizens by Tobye Ertlet (a Ted-Ed Innovative Educator)

Tobye and her students created TED-Ed lessons to explain the links between four concepts: ethical behaviour, digital conduct, global citizenship, & taking action in the world.

Career Educator Professional Development

2017-2018 - Psychology, occupational assessment & The future of work (8 modules)

Guides & Instructions